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What Will I Learn in an Online Nurse Admin Program?

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Nurse administrators are needed to oversee nursing staff, ensure the safety of patients, and control expenditures. To prepare nurses for leadership roles in the healthcare system, The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) offers an online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Nursing Administration degree program. Registered Nurses (RN) will gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to move forward in their careers as nursing administrators.

What Courses Will You Complete in the Online Program?

The program consists of these 10 courses:

  1. Foundational Concepts for Nurse Administrators
  2. Leadership in Human Resource Management
  3. Scholarly Inquiry for Advanced Practice
  4. Healthcare Finance and Economics
  5. Informatics for Nurse Administrators
  6. S. Health Care System
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Quality, Safety and Risk Management
  9. Concepts of Health Assessment and Promotion for Nurse Executives
  10. Internship in Nursing Leadership

What Is the First Course You Will Take?

The first course in the online Nursing Administration program is Foundational Concepts for Nurse Administrators. In this course, students examine the role, relationships, and management responsibilities of the nurse administrator in a variety of healthcare settings. Nurses study management and organizational theories to improve the quality of patient care.

What Do Nurses Learn in the Leadership Course?

The main focus of the Leadership in Human Resource Management course is on resource allocation and management in healthcare systems. The course content explores the components of human resource management:

  • Providing workforce training.
  • Evaluating job performance.
  • Encouraging professional development.
  • Recruiting prospective employees.
  • Selecting new employees.
  • Retaining employees.
  • Maintaining labor relations.

Why Is Research an Important Part of Nursing?

The Scholarly Inquiry for Advanced Practice course covers the importance of research as the basis for evidence to inform nursing and administrative practice. The course centers on the philosophical and theoretical bases of nursing research. Through discussions, students learn about the research process, which involves the development of a question or problem, data collection, and critical analysis of the information. Students then learn how to apply the findings to the nursing practice.

Why Do Nurses Need Preparation in Finance and Economics?

Nurse administrators create and maintain budgets in a sector of the economy that functions differently from other businesses because of third party payers. The Healthcare Finance and Economics Course centers on the economic and financial implications that affect budgets in the healthcare system. Additionally, nurse administrators have to be aware of the policies that impact access to patient care, along with the cost and quality. The course emphasizes executive-level budget management and business planning skills.

What Does the Program Teach Nurses About Informatics?

Information systems and technologies help nurses make clinical decisions. Students in the Informatics for Nurse Administrators course will complete an analysis of information systems in clinical management, administration, education and research. They review the capabilities, benefits and barriers that influence the current design of informatics and how it is applied to the nursing practice. Nurses receive instruction on strategies and issues involved in information collection, analysis and communication, and the technologies used to gather and disseminate data.

What Is It Like to Work in the Healthcare Industry?

In the U.S. Healthcare System course, nurses are exposed to the structure and complexity of medical institutions. By understanding the history of health care in the United States, students can understand the motivators to maintain or reform the system. The curriculum includes the following:

  • Basic values.
  • Major historical developments.
  • Reimbursement methods.
  • The role of stakeholders.
  • Reform issues.

How to Incorporate Strategic Planning?

Nurse administrators must comprehend and actively participate in innovative strategic planning so they can uphold the mission and vision of their healthcare organization. The lessons in the Strategic Planning course cover the following:

  • Developing organization blueprints.
  • Tracking trends.
  • Forcasting.

What Is Risk Management?

Risk management is essential to having quality patient outcomes. The Quality, Safety and Risk Management course exposes nurses to the concepts, tools and data that help nurse administrators evaluate and promote the delivery of optimal patient care.

How Can Nurses Be Good Leaders?

The curriculum in the Concepts of Health Assessment and Promotion for Nurse Executives is designed for nurses who want a leadership position in healthcare. The course concentrates on the concepts of health assessment and promotion for individuals and populations. Nurse administrators, in collaboration with other executives, must plan health care services for populations such as patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, mental health issues, and underserved needs.

What Is the Final Course?

Students must complete the Internship in Nursing Leadership before graduating. Requirements include the completion of 135 clinical hours with an approved preceptor at an authorized healthcare organization.

Nurse administrators who are properly prepared are an asset to their employers. The UAH online MSN in Nursing Administration program prepares nurses to become leaders. Nurse administrators must be ready to handle the challenges found in the healthcare industry. They need specific skills and competencies to guide, monitor and manage the business side of a healthcare organization.

Learn more about The University of Alabama in Huntsville’s online MSN – Nursing Administration program.

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