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What Is an RN to BSN Program?

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RN to BSN programs help nurses with an associate degree in nursing or a nursing diploma earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). These programs bridge students from their first nursing degree to a BSN and allow nurses to shorten the total amount of time they spend in school. An RN to BSN degree differs from a traditional BSN program because students entering the degree program are already nurses. RN to BSN programs do not accept freshman college students who are not registered nurses. Instead, these programs allow nurses to use the credits they earned in their associate degree program.

The Purpose of RN to BSN Programs

As demand for BSN-prepared nurses outpaces supply in many regions, RN to BSN programs are designed to help fill the demand. Your career may benefit from the additional education and practical skills you gain in an RN to BSN program. ADN-prepared nurses can build directly on the foundational education and experience they already have by pursuing additional undergraduate courses.

These programs can save you time and financial resources while you continue your education.

Who Are Online RN to BSN Programs For?

ADN- and diploma-prepared nurses who are looking for a degree program with a flexible schedule, affordable tuition, and high-quality curriculum may benefit from an online RN to BSN program. You can complete your coursework at any time of day from anywhere with an internet connection, so you can continue working and fulfilling personal responsibilities.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) has multiple start dates for the online RN to BSN program. Tuition is very affordable and accessible for many students, making it easier for them to return to school. At UAH, tuition and fees for nursing courses in the online RN to BSN program add up to $9,698 as of August 2017. Some students may need general education courses in addition to nursing courses, which will increase total cost. This pricing is designed to help working nurses save more of their money. If you meet the qualifications, financial aid is available.

RN to BSN programs allow working nurses with an ADN or a nursing diploma to advance their careers by earning a BSN. These programs help nurses save time and money by requiring only the courses necessary to build on the foundational nursing knowledge these RNs already have.

Learn more about UAH’s online RN to BSN program.


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